Jersey legalizes same sex marriage

The BBC provides some welcome news for all those who believe in sanity and who think the current US anti-gay marriage crusade has a lot in common with other anti-everything crusades of the past, like the opposition of equal rights for blacks in the 20th century (seriously, try it sometime for yourself, substitute “racism” for “homophobia” and you’re able to reuse a lot of the same arguments that were used at that time, too). NJ has “legalized” (as if that should be needed) the right for gay couples to have something almost a marriage without using that word. Getting better – who knows, in time it might be possible to even use the words “gay marriage” without someone dying of shock or abusing quasi-Christian semi-rightwing beliefs on The Murdoch “Inciteful Hatred News” Network of the day. Note to self: if you get a TV, figure a way to pay for a cable package where you’re not subsidising Faux.

Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck whether two guys want to marry, two girls, a woman and a man or any other combination thereof. I know this makes me some kind of left leaning hippie wannabe and I’m very comfortable with that. Anyone bothered by who someone else chooses to marry because of their gender seriously (and I mean, seriously) needs to see someone about that. I promise they won’t make you watch.


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  1. astopy says:

    That’s good news. Though, it’s slightly confusing when you say Jersey instead of New Jersey (especially when you mention the BBC in the first sentence). I naturally thought you were actually talking about Jersey:,-2.005005&spn=1.117507,2.026978&om=1

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