Turkish backlash at Chomsky translation

Yet another reason why Turkey must not be allowed to join the EU: prosecuting writers for translating a Chomsky book. Many European countries have lax enough laws on freedom of expression as it is, but Turkey repeatedly takes the biscuit. The EU should get over itself and realize that Turkey is not ready, not now at any rate. A European constitution really would aid things going forward – member states need to be fully aware of their obligation to live in a free and democratic international society.


2 Responses to “Turkish backlash at Chomsky translation”

  1. Michael Erskine says:

    I would understand it if the Turks were prosecuting writers for translating Chomsky’s writings about the Khmer Rouge not slaughtering thousands of innocent people in the killing fields :)

  2. clc says:

    Your previous/next entry links on individual entry pages aren’t clickable for me in Firefox for some reason.

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