Celebrating the Boston Tea Party

December 16th was the 233rd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. I was down in the harbor with a friend, drinking tea and reflecting upon what has happened since. Nobody else seemed too bothered – they were busily shopping in the market – and to be honest, I wouldn’t expect many people to have even known of the date, since it’s somewhat slipped into obscurity as just another part of the American Revolution.

I love US history. I’ve really gotten a thing for it. I love the little nuances – and the irony. For example, having Andrew Jackson’s face on the $20 bill. A man who hated banks and who abolished the Second Bank of the United States. Never ever let it be said that the Fed doesn’t have a sense of humor, albeit a somewhat subtle they-probably-didn’t-even-realize-the-irony kind of humor that only history types find even the tiniest bit funny :-)

Not only does Boston rock, but it all started right here.


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