HOWTO: Spend a Sunday afternoon

So I decided moping around the apartment listening to super depressing music was only going to be so useful and headed outside for some thinking time between me, myself, my latte and the Charles. $500 of impulsive purchases later and I can report feeling no happier, but I did manage to waste an afternoon. Oh and I discovered my iPod is currently incompatible with Nike+iPod (after buying it). I guess that’s something at least.

Track du jour: The Corrs – What Can I Do?


Update: After faffing around (read: converting said iPod to HFS+, screw you, Apple, for not supporting VFAT formatted iPods under OSX – an obvious failing and also obviously intentional – I’m switching it back to VFAT when I get time, via dd/mkfs) and reflashing to firmware 1.3 I now have a working Nike+iPod. I don’t like Nike one bit but I needed cheering up, and so far (aside from problems with the sensor detection in areas of obvious interference) I’m reasonably happy with it.

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