Spring in Cambridge

Photo: Walking along the banks of the Charles.

If I ever had to rethink my decision to choose Cambridge to live in, I should think that I would regret living anywhere else. Cambridge is truly a wonderful place, filled with so many interesting things to do and great for the people watchers in all of us. And then, there’s the Charles (an old foe of the British, but we don’t talk about that…), which has finally thawed and gives off a shimmer and glow in the mornings as one strolls along its banks. And I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. At least a couple of times a day, over the past few days, I’ve taken to doing a 5-10km walk, latte in hand (more than 15 shots some days at the moment), with only the most powerfully depressing of power ballads as my companion along the way…yes, I’m even listening to Roxette. Indeed. Yes, I know.

My favorite route at the moment is to head down Mass. Ave from Central, toward Boston (over Harvard Bridge), then make a left and head down toward the Charles MGH T-stop. Then, turn onto Charles St. and wind up at the Public Gardens. A quick walk and you’re on the Common, and then at the T-stop. One can either take a T back to Central or walk back via the Museum of Science and take another bridge, toward Kendall, and then onto Central. Either way, this is a very enjoyable morning/evening stroll. Even if you’re down in the dumps and feeling rotten about your inability to understand the most complex problem there is in this life. As with anything else one wants more than anything else in the world, one can but try :-)


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