Brave New Jon – My kind of day

Photo: Joshua Tree National Park – A day trip.

Part of Project Brave New Jon.

So yesterday was approaching the level of craziness that I want from the new Jon. I went climbing on Friday night (my arms hurt…a lot), crashed out around 2am, got up at 5am on Saturday, hopped a cab to Logan, went to Los Angeles (via Minneapolis, delayed due to broken plane…got a free upgrade, changed flights, various other compensation…more is in the works), hacking on module-init-tools in flight. Picked up a Red Ford Mustang, drove to Joshua Tree National Park (170 miles) – detouring via Palm Springs for a coffee and some jeans. Took photos. Hiked and bouldered a little. Drove from Joshua Tree National Park to Los Angeles (170 miles), drove from Los Angeles to Oxnard (70 miles). Did the latter 240 miles without stopping (bear in mind I got my driver’s license only a few weeks ago – 400 miles in a day still seems quite impressive to little old European me!), to correct for schedule slippage on the part of North West Airlines. Explored the town until 3am. Just wait until I really get myself into gear.

Got up at 7am (on a Sunday), packing my gear for surfing. Then, planning to explore Oxnard, San Buenaventura (the Mission, mostly), Camarillo (apparently the “second best place in the world to live”), Thousand Oaks, and head down to the beach for a little writing and coding later this evening. I’ll catch a movie tonight and fly back over to the East Coast some time tomorrow.

Have a great Memorial weekend, everyone!


P.S. Andrew, when you read this – let’s organize a camping/hiking/climbing trip in Joshua Tree later this year or early next year – give me a few more months of this project to get up to the level of fitness I need to attain in order to do it.

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