Brave New Jon – Mojave National Preserve, and Vegas.

So I still had *way* too many airmiles sitting in my account going unused. It’s not as if I’m going to use them over the summer anyway (ever tried redeeming airmiles during the vacation period?) so I’m flying to California again this weekend, for more craziness, and will be back on Sunday night. I’m taking my laptop and will do some writing on the plane and in between hikes around the park. I’ve got a chapter to finish that will be done.

I’m was debating whether to go back to Joshua Tree National Park or to push further out to Sequoia, Death Valley, or Mojave. Mojave National Preserve seems to be winning at the moment, since Sequoia is a PITA to get to in time, given the drive, and of course, I could detour via Vegas if I really felt like it. Which I wouldn’t entirely put past me doing, for the interest (don’t worry, I’m not a gambler and that’s one of the only extremes I’m not getting into). Brave New Jon will not be stopped.

Oh, and I might swing by Malibu on Sunday for a little surfing, if there’s time.


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