Since I’ve worked at Red Hat, I’ve had chance to work on some super cool projects – everything from drivers, to infrastructure, a variety of packages, real time efforts, and a variety of embedded-related stuff (One Laptop Per Child, etc.). And there’s more to come – because I really dig this. Like really. I love working with these guys, it’s just really frigging cool. I want to exploit my time by growing, by becoming better at my job and a more valuable resource. I feel I’m part of a once in a lifetime experience.

Enthusiasm is what it’s all about – if you can’t find your job exciting on a daily basis, you can’t be as effective as you could be. No matter how much coffee you drink. There’s never a dull moment at Red Hat – and really, there’s never enough time to think about dull moments, either. It’s about doing something you can believe in.


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