JFK Presidential Library

Photo: The JFK Presidential Library, Boston, MA.

So I visited the JFK Presidential Library this afternoon. It’s something I was originally planning to do back in April, with my (now ex) girlfriend and so had been sitting on the TODO for a while. The weather today was perfectly suited for a museum visit.

JFK has always interested and fascinated me – in fact the whole Kennedy family has been a source of inspiration for many years. I remember first visiting the memorial in Arlington National Cemetery a few years back and feeling a great sense of loss that such leaders aren’t around any more.

The Library itself is closed to the general public and one requires pre-authorization to enter that part of the museum complex – this is something I am going to look into for my personal research. The museum area is the portion that the public, in general, goes to see. It’s filled with typical kinds of exhibits, but of course, there was nothing typical about JFK. The guy wasn’t perfect, but he did introduce a great amount of positive change – both before and after he was in office. I enjoy his speeches and writings, and bought a compilation book filled with years of material that’ll keep me occupied in my more insomniac moments over the coming weeks and months.


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