Brave New Jon – Phase Two

So I’ve been thinking about Project Brave New Jon and where I take it from here. I’ve completely redefined myself in a short space of time, and I’m happy with some of the progess so far, but there’s more to be done. What started out as an intensive response to deal with my perceived inadequacies and personal failings has become much more over the past three months. Phase two should include the following two main activities:

* Finish the weight loss program. I’m no longer fat, but I’m not thin, athletic, and toned quite yet either. I aim to hit 150lbs and lose another size in the process. I’m nearly where I want to be, minus a bit of toning and more sessions in the (climbing) gym – though I’ve been climbing with guys from work and might try to get into the habbit of doing that more often (drove up to Boulder Morty’s from the office on Thursday night, and checked out a car one of the guys had seen on the way). And outdoor climbing too.

* Buy a car. I know what I want to get. I even know the vanity plate I want to get too. But now I need to start looking at the market, looking at prices, and making sensible decisions. Part of me wants to rush out and buy a brand new 2007 Mazda Miata in blue with retractible hard top and GT options. But the more sensible part tells me that getting a 3-4 year old model is a better idea for my very first car purchase. My credit history has finally ported over so I have a lot more sensible financing options too at this point.

I’m also looking at a variety of other persuits, including more travel, and a lot more fun. I have driven 3,000 miles since I got my US license one month ago and covered many States in the process, but now I need to ramp up the enthusiasm and go on some utterly insane roadtrips over the summer. Part of me is considering whether to buy a car in California and drive it back to Boston…


P.S. Got my Red Sox (the local, and world renowned, baseball team) tickets for Tuesday night.

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  1. DG says:

    I don’t know what the car market in the US is like, but ‘over here’ (UK), I wouldn’t buy a new car, solely for the fact that they depreciate so much in the first few years. Buying a ~2 year old car always strikes me as a better bet – as it’s not old enough that things could have started to wear out, it’s often still under manufacturers warranties, and it’s far cheaper. The only bummer is that you miss out on those new features the new cars always seem to have – but you probably won’t miss them.

    Besides, there’s quite a high chance of you crashing your first car (i suspect), so it’s probably not a good idea to sink too much money into it. :-)

  2. jcm says:



  3. Jim Garfield says:

    Buy the 07 GT Miata. I bought one 6 months ago, trading in a 04 Mazdaspeed Miata, and was totally amazed and thrilled at the upgrade. It is THE most fun car ever. I was so pleased that I bought a duplicate (except that this one has a hardtop as it lives in the midwest).
    Go for it. You only live once.

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