The Boston Red Sox vs. Colorado Rockies

Photo: Jon Masters, at Fenway Park.

So I was at Fenway Park this evening to watch the Red Sox play the Rockies. We had private box seating in a VIP suite directly overlooking the outfield, with food, wine, and beer provided along with other private facilities. It was certainly the best possible seating we could have had.

The game play was fairly slow, with an eventual win for the Red Sox being preceded by close point scoring and a final (9th) inning in which it came together for the Red Sox. But I enjoyed the game – the seating was awesome, and I got to experience Fenway Park on a different level. I’ve spent a long time reading about the history of baseball, the different rules, and the construction and history of Fenway Park itself. But it’s nothing like really being there for real, in person.

I’ve got to go to Fenway again.

Photo: Oscar Wrigley, Red Sox pitcher.

Apparently, my nephew (in the UK) was enjoying his Red Sox too. Hannah and Joe found this little outfit earlier, so I asked them to take a few shots in time to hit this subsequent blog posting.Jon.

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