Brave New Jon – Chasing Cars

Photo: 2007 Mazda Miata.

So I found myself in a car dealership this afternoon…a Mazda car dealership. Yes, we know where this is going. Or maybe. I’m still not sold on buying new, but I have decided that leasing has a lot of downsides outweighing most of the more positive ones. It’s a choice between pre-owned or new, and new does take away a lot of the hassle of getting a car…and you pay for that.

Obviously, there were no manuals in stock, so they’re pulling in a silver GT 6 speed manual (soft-top, not the power hard-top – not as fun) Miata next week for me to take a look at, and take a test drive. Depending upon various factors, including the cost, and my level of sanity at the time that I need to make a purchasing decision…well…we’ll see. Zoom zoom!


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  1. mazbee says:

    Mazda Miata is a very stunning car. One of the most interesting in it is that it is equipped with snow tires on all four corners handles quite well in the snow. The Miata’s 50/50 weight distribution makes it easy to control on slick roads. When it begins to break free, it isn’t too tough to bring back into line. It also has an impressive Mazda Windshield Wiper which used two mechanical technologies for efficient operation.

  2. Pete Zaitcev says:

    I heard that soft-top in MX-5 is very well done (compered with, say, Solstice – bleah!). You should be able to put it on without leaving the car (although stopping is adviseable). Some people say, “use two fingers”.

    But I just can’t see how anyone would want it in Boston. Where I live, it’s ok. We don’t have snow.

  3. jcm says:

    Actually, you can pull the top down one handed, in traffic, while drinking coffee…not that I’ve done this. Of course, I would always pull over, park, and then consider putting the top down. But I’m told…by my wonderful imaginary friend…that the soft-top is flexible.


  4. Jim Garfield says:

    Hi Jon, I have two 2007 Miatas, both GT, both 6 sp. manual. I have a soft top in my Florida home and a power hardtop in my Cincinnati Ohio home. They are THE most fun cars I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned most of them. I traded my 04 Mazdaspeed Miata in for one and the upgrade was amazing. My advice, go for the new. If you live in the north, go for the hardtop, if in a sunny clime, I prefer the softop.

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