The Boston Red Sox vs. San Francisco Giants

Photo: Fenway Park.

So I enjoyed our little corporate outing to Fenway Park last week (see my previous blog entry), and had to go back this weekend to see the Red Sox take on the Giants at Fenway Park. The game play was far more interesting than the previous game (against the Rockies), and although I didn’t have a private suite and minibar this time, I did enjoy the experience immensely.

I had just won a Red Sox raffle draw yesterday, so I had a whole bunch more merchandise about my person…but I didn’t have a giant foam hand with “#1″ printed on it and this *had* to be fixed. So I went all out. If you were there, you might have also seen me singing God Bless America and Sweet Caroline as loudly as I could reasonably get away with :P

Updated: I just bought a bunch more tickets for when I get back from Canada (Ottawa Linux Symposium) – Next time I’m at Fenway, I’m going to see the Red Sox play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on Independence Day.


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