Declaring my independence

Photo: Jon Masters, as Captain America.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity, on the 4th July itself, to declare my intention for independence from the United Kingdom. For many years now, I’ve grown more and more unhappy with the direction in which the UK is heading, and I’ve reached a point where I want out. There are many places in Europe and elsewhere that I feel comfortable and could live, but the UK is not one of them – it’s a nice place to visit, but that’s as far as I want to go. I can’t entirely explain it, it’s a feeling, one that has taken many years to lead to such a decision. And not one I made lightly.

I love what the United States of America represents, and I love being there. Really. Sure, there are many issues with the current government, many I expect to be addressed following the 2008 elections, but I feel more free here than I ever did in the UK. The US doesn’t intrude on your every day life to the same extent as the UK (yes, I seriously believe that), there aren’t cameras on every street corner, and you don’t have to ask permission before wiping your ass, using some kind of British ID card.

It’s always a personal decision when you decide to adopt a new nation as your homeland, but for me, nothing feels more natural than to be in North America. I might not always be in the US, but I love it here.

Happy 4th July to everyone!


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