Canada Day 2007

Photo: The “Canada Girls”.

So I was in downtown Ottawa on Canada Day, wearing my oversized maple leaf hat and cape, and generally enjoying the celebration of independence from the British.

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the creation of what ultimately became the country of Canada (in 1946 it ceased to formally be refered to as a dominion, then the Canada Act of 1982 created the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – the Canadian Constitution – and finally removed the British cup-of-tea parliament from the day to day operation of the country. This year is also the 150th anniversay of the creation of the Rideau Canal, a strategic waterway prior to its use for recreational and winter touristic skating activity. I enjoyed being downtown for this celebration of independence from the British, and enjoyed the fireworks also.


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  1. Mark Johnson says:

    Canada is a lovely place…..

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