Willfully violating the second law of thermodynamics…again.

Photo: AC unit in the lounge.

So as it turns out, one AC unit isn’t enough. Sure, it’s enough to cool the bedroom, but that just means I want to stay in there all day long, unless I leave the apt. And this isn’t a good thing. So, I’ve bought another unit for the lounge…not a huge energy wasting one, but enough to take the humidity away.

Now I’ve got two rooms covered, there’s just the spare room to go (I don’t care about air conditioning the bathroom, kitchen, or my closets). I’m tempted to buy another unit at some point for those times when I’m working in there (it’s my study in winter…seems to be a room ‘o’ crapjunk in the summer so far) or when I have people staying over. Thing is, that doesn’t really happen often enough to justify buying yet another AC unit, at least this week, at any rate.


4 Responses to “Willfully violating the second law of thermodynamics…again.”

  1. Chris says:

    Your wholehearted embracing of US gas guzzling waste culture sickens me. Whilst you burn fuel in your Mazda travelling around the place, or lie cool and crisp on your sofa at home, people in Darfur are dying. And it’s your fault because of the climate change what you caused.

  2. jcm says:

    I feel bad about my consumption of resources, but what bothers me the most is the lack of public knowledge in the US on the issue of energy, and why we want to be bothered about where it comes from, and where it gets wasted.


  3. Ahto says:

    Mazda does not take much fuel anyway.

  4. clc says:

    You are unhappy that the causes of energy waste are not sufficiently appreciated, but you’re content to *be* one of them? Christ.

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