Free clothes available for a worthy cause in Boston/Cambridge

I recently lost a lot of weight. A lot. Like a whole new person kind of weight loss, and as a result I’m now a “medium”. On Sunday, I tried on a variety of clothes I haven’t worn in months, just for amusement, as I filled 4 huge tashbags (UK: “black bags”, “bin bags”) with old clothes. Anything larger than a size 30, or larger than a “medium” must go.

Some of this stuff isn’t very old at all – e.g. at least several pairs of Banana Republic jeans purchased this year – and it’s all clean and in great condition, just it doesn’t have a place in my wardrobe any more. So, if you know of a good charity I can give washed, clean clothes to, I’ll happily drop them down there this week (sooner the better).


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  1. David Fear says:

    You could take your unwanted clothes to one of the Salvation Army thrift Stores in boston

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