A random weekend

So I’ve been recovering from a cold for the past couple of days – a sure sign of the transition from summer into fall- which means I’ve wasted most of the weekend doing nothing in particular. Behind on my writing, but on the plus side, I’ve been doing some random reading.

Yesterday, I wanted to go surfing with the New England Surfing dude, but the weather wasn’t up to it – and, truthfully, I probably wasn’t up to doing that either. So instead, I spent most of the day doing nothing in particular. I read some of “The Book Of Useless Information”, watched too much on my DVR, and wound up reading a biography, too.

Today, I had a violin lesson, made random calls planning my family’s trip over here to visit me, had way too much coffee, bought some more books, went for a random drive, and caught up on some email. I still need to get a bunch of work finished from last week, a new release of module-init-tools out the virtual “door”, book review work, and build some random sandcastles. The latter is extremely important.

You know I’m odd. This is a given. But do you know what makes me actually really quite weird? What makes me really weird is that I don’t just listen to my iPod playing music. I think about exactly how it’s playing music. Once again today, I was walking down the street, all the while picturing data blitting from pages of NAND into block of RAM (via a DMA engine that reads from a single port on the NAND controller), variously varied data decoding operations, all stringently clocked. I don’t just see computers around me – I think about how they’re working. And this doesn’t just go for computers. I *need* to know how *everything* (anything you can think of) works, and I need to understand how everything I see is working, too. I’m weird.


2 Responses to “A random weekend”

  1. clc says:

    Eventually you’ll see the world as green vertical cascades of Matrix code.

    Which’ll be pretty cool.

  2. jcm says:

    If I keep reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, surreal experiences might come sooner! :-)


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