10 days with my Dad and Gran

So my gran has been keen to visit me for some time, and finally dragged my dad over with her for a 10 day visit. Over the past week, we’ve been to a ball game, swung by my office, Concord, New York, Liberty Island, and had dinner in Plymouth after visiting Plymouth Rock.

Wednesday – 2007/09/26

Photo: Dad and Gran, at the new State House

Photo: Dad and I at Fenway Park

I took my dad and Gran down to Boston Common, showed them the State House, and pointed out a few other places. In the evening, I took my dad to see the Boston Redsox play Oakland Athletics, at Fenway Park.

Thursday – 2007/09/27

Photo: My gran, checking out my MX-5

Photo: Dad and I, with Red Hats, in my MX-5

I had to get a little writing finished, and had a meeting with my publisher – took my dad along for a drive. In the evening, I took my gran down to Nantasket with me, for a little road trip.

Friday – 2007/09/28

Photo: Dad and gran, in Concord, at the Old Colonial Inn

I picked up a rental car (a Mercedes C280 – looks nice, doesn’t do it for me) and drove my dad and gran out to my office, introduced them to a couple of coworkers, and then left them in Concord while I took care of some business meetings.

Saturday – 2007/09/29

Photo: Dad and gran, in Times Square, in New York City, in New York

I drove my dad and gran down to New York City, took them to Times Square for lunch, then out to Liberty Island. We took the train in from Stamford, Connecticut, rather than have me figure out driving in downtown Manhattan with my grandmother in the car.

Sunday – 2007/09/30

Photo: Jon Masters, at Nantasket Beach

We took it easy on Sunday, but I did take my father for a stroll with me on Nantasket beach.

Monday – 2007/10/01

Photo: Dad and gran, at Plymouth Rock

I drove my dad and gran down to Plymouth, showed them Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower II (the girl on the Mayflower top deck had a perfect British accent, and knowledge of York Minster…either a top-notch enthusiast, historian, expat. or insanely good at her job), and had dinner on the pier.

Tuesday – 2007/10/02

I had various work to take care of in the office, so my dad and gran headed out to a local shopping mall for gift purchasing while I took care of various odds and ends that needed taking care of.

Wednesday – 2007/10/03

I had some more work to take care of, so my dad and gran headed out to Harvard Square, and bought various gifts to take back with them. My gran bought me a Harvard mug…I seem to be collecting mugs.

Thursday – 2007/10/04

Photo: Dad and gran, at my apartment

Photo: Bunker Hill

My dad and gran had a flight in the evening, so most of the day was spent packing up and getting ready for that, but I did also take my dad to Charlestown to see Bunker Hill, and USS Constitution.

I was glad to see my dad and gran, and pleased that they enjoyed my apartment. I don’t expect they’ll come over here that often, and so I really appreciated their visit all the more.


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