Canadian Crisis Song time again

So, I was at an Arrogant Worms gig in the UK a year or maybe two back, and I asked them to play the “Canadian Crisis Song”. A joke track in part about the devaluing of the US dollar compared to the Canadian (also the GST, various other issues that you won’t care about if you don’t follow Canadian politics).

Anyway, this song was popular half a decade ago. They said they don’t play it, because the economic situation isn’t quite what it was when they used to play that…well, times change. Thanks to GWB, and his cronies, I can once again play The Canadian Crisis Song, and it has some meaning. This Administration has done so much to ruin this country’s economy that the phrase “with friends like these, who needs enemies” certainly comes to mind…regularly.

Anyway, an excuse to play random Worm’s tracks was vaguely good and useful, because I just spent a few hours pulling tracks off an old iPod, using a nasty little script (had to pull via unpowered USB, since the new firewire stack is so fantastically awesomely better than the old one that it won’t see this iPod at all), so I could charge it for a few minutes at a time. Oh the fun one can have at 5am.

I could sleep. Or I could rant more.


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