Sorry America

So I just found myself defending the US from yet more random ranting, and I wanted to take a moment to explain myself :-)

I spent the evening catching up with a few folks from out of town (out of country). Pretty soon, the conversation turned to the US – as such gatherings may have a tendency so to do – and the ranting started very soon thereafter. I found myself defending the US at some length, and I now also want to take this opportunity to profoundly apologize for many things I’ve said in the past.

The fact is, the US has many problems. But so does *every* country on the planet. The US has many of them, because it’s the same size as Europe. Another thing I object to is the belief that the US is much worse on the immigration front than say, the UK, or Germany. It’s true that immigration policies are broken, and there are many issues, but Just because you’re from Europe – and so don’t get treated like a foreigner at the border – doesn’t mean that Europe doesn’t have many of the same issues, you just don’t see them if you live there. They are not going to give you 20 questions at your own border. They don’t want you to see their dirty laundry. Sheesh.

I guess I’m admitting to my historical hypocrisy in standing up for this great nation, founded by some great men (many of whom we have turned our backs on since). Yes, it’ll be even greater when GWB is out of office, when healthcare and eduction are given the importance they should have (compared with war), but these things will take time. And it’s wrong to say people don’t care. The truth is, people care very much.

If you want to criticize the US, but have no interest in ever living here, ask yourself if you’re really qualified to make that call. I do criticize the US, and I do criticize the UK, but I *have* lived in both countries, and I live here now, so I am in a position to have a founded opinion.

Think about it.


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  1. mrben says:

    Founded != objective. You may have lived in the US and the UK, but you’re quite unashamedly pro-US and anti-UK.

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