Favorite time of the year

Photo: Jon Masters (left), at Kiskadee, in Plymouth, MA.

So contrary to how it may seem, fall is actually my favorite time of year. You get to dress up warm, appreciate the warmth of being inside, and wonder around at night, drinking tea, reflecting upon the world at large.

Tonight, like many nights, I’m going for a stroll into Boston, along the river, my playlist reflecting my mood at the time (suffice it to say that I have Roxette, Phil Collins, and Journey on this one – oh and Timbaland, randomly). It’s getting a little cold to go to the beach, though I managed it the other night – it was freezing cold, and high tide, however I felt better for a stroll along the beach nonetheless.

I finished an article last night, and I guess I’ll finish up some debugging later on tonight. Part of me longs for California, another part of me resists.


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  1. neuro says:

    Fall? Favorite? You have truly renounced the UK, haven’t you? :)

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