Building Embedded Linux Systems – Second Edition

So without further ado, I give you Building Embedded Linux Systems – Second Edition, written by several talented authors, and also yours truly. I take overall responsibility for this edition, and I hope that you enjoy reading it.

The book is going to be hitting bookstores “really soon now”, just as soon as it’s done being printed. The update includes lots of changes to upstream kernel and embedded components that have happened since 2003, brand new material on the Real Time patchset and related technologies, as well as various other changes. It’s intended to be an overall insight into embedded Linux rather than a programmer’s guide – for that, you want to be reading the other O’Reilly books on the Linux kernel and Linux Device Drivers – but it will get you pointed in the right direction, even if you’re coming from a non-Linux background. If you know Linux, but don’t know much about embedded Linux and its unique constraints, you will enjoy this book.

Buy a copy, and make my day!

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