Do the right thing

Today, this great nation that we call home has a choice. You have a choice. Whether to extend the reign of King Bush by another 4 years (8 once McCain starts another war and people pander to another extension next time around) or to cast out these unethical, immoral leaders and elect someone who will create lasting change. For all Americans.

John McCain represents not only more of the same, but more of the same established order. He doesn’t care about low income families, John McCain doesn’t care about social programs, education, or even healthcare, and he doesn’t care about you. Just listen to his latest speeches and count the times he mentions education and healthcare (hint: zero). Things that actually matter, not pointless wars in countries not posing a threat to us. When was the last time the US was invaded or attacked by Iraq? When was the last time a child in a low income neighbourhood was failed by the American educational system? When was the last time a family in *America* had to file for bankruptcy because their healthcare costs forced them into a corner?

America: the rest of the world is still laughing at us, and has been for 8 long years. They know (through their less biased, more factual news networks) how bad George Bush and his cronies have really been for this country and for the wider world. A vote for John McCain is not only an endorsement of the Bush era, but a vote for an extension of it. Now is the time to vote against Bush, Cheney, Palin, and McCain. Only you can make a difference by actually voting. Go out, find your polling station, and cast your vote. If there’s a problem, cast a provisional ballot instead.

DO IT. Don’t just think about doing it, go out and exercise your constitutional rights. Your employer has an obligation to accommodate your constitutional rights also. Don’t let John McCain win the White House because of apathy or mere assumption. VOTE.


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