Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire New York

So I decided to attend the first Open Hardware Summit next Thursday (September 23 2010) in Queens, New York. I’ll drive down on Wednesday and I’m staying nearby at one of the airport hotels. Open Hardware is one of the next big things that is already starting to influence the Open Source community, and I think it’s important to keep up with what’s going on. If you’re going to be there, give me a shout.

After the conference, I am debating taking Friday off and driving down to D.C. and Virginia for the day. I’ve yet to see Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s home) and I’d so much like to tour the library and grounds. If I do that, I’ll drive down after the conference and stay nearer Virginia in the evening, or nearer D.C. (I also want to see the Declaration of Independence as I keep missing it when I go to D.C.). The idea of a day living in my imagined 18th century world of rose-tinted American idealism is nearly always more enjoyable than many rational people might think it ought to be :)

I’ve bought a ticket for Maker Faire New York for the weekend, thinking I might then drive back to Boston in Saturday and stop off in New York on the way back for a few hours. Something like that. Just as long as I’m back in time to spend Sunday writing!


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