[rant] Charging retirees more for benefits

We have a little problem in the US. The “little” problem I am referring to here is that the federal government doesn’t appropriately provide a minimal social safety net for everyone (the actually fair form of capitalism in which everyone has a minimal standard and doesn’t have to worry about the basics). It’s made worse during a recession when otherwise reputable radio shows like APM’s Marketplace run a story implying that retiring employees have it too good and should be taken down a notch – somehow “appropriately” suffering because they’re done supplying work and neither corporations or government want to care about them any more. The problem is that for years they have done work, have contributed to society, and people who retire deserve a little more respect. Public workers in general deserve more respect (especially teachers), and to be seen less as whining complainers who get all these great benefits. Public workers in the US really don’t get good benefits compared with those in other rich nations anyway. It’s time to take a step back and ask yourself “what’s actually wrong with giving these folks a decent deal, and living up to the promises, anyway?” There are plenty of wastes of money in government without attacking benefits.


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