Random Wibble

[ from the this-will-drive-you-mad-now dept. ]

I’m trying to read at the moment and my mind’s already strained enough at the thought of accepting new input, I need to go somewhere quiet.

I like gcc 3. I recompiled john and found it now runs twice as fast once the altivec flags are given and the Altivec EABI is enabled (PowerPC terminology refers to things as part of standard Embedded Binary Interfaces, etc.). I should perhaps do some Altivec optimisations for john as that would be useful :-)

I have a lecture at 09:00 and I will actually make it I think. Hussein is talking about a particular NP-hard problem in our seminar and I will provide some moral support perhaps. I should also start thinking about the talk I need to give on another fascinating topic that is sure to keep me awake at night.

I have nearly read half of this book so far and expect to finish it completely this week. With some time for playing with examples, I hope to be fairly fluent in general SPARC assembly within a week or so and then get back to the ppc stuff. This is part of my plot to be reasonable in both SPARC and ppc by the end of November and to understand the supervisor instructions for both architectures. Then I need to begin coding with some simple boot strapping algorithm for each architecture and get on to the interesting coding in C. I will draw on the books I have at hand of particular merit by authors Andrew Tanenbaum and also Jim Mauro and Richard McDougall from Sun Microsystems.

I made an official request to have mains access on campus for my laptop, so now they’re going to have to officially turn me down. This is likely to result in my acquiring additional UPS units and some kind of trolley to transport them on. I figure I can play their little game as well as they can – and I am more than happy to push the bounds of making my point :-)

Communications Update

As far as I am aware, I am up to date with all email and mobile traffic on either of the lines. If you haven’t received a reply to something you sent me then you’re not going to because I don’t have it – please send it again.

Somebody has been searching for 0×80040707 again. In case people are looking for this term, which used to be mentioned on my old diary, it refers to a problem with Install Shield within Microsoft Windows and appears to be related to issues with network shares being unavailable at certain moments or a similar problem. Bitch at Install Shield for writing crappy software and at Microsoft generally for no particular reason.

I am currently listening to “Jon Bon Jovi – It’s My Life” and of course “A-Ha – Take On Me (Superior Techno Remix)”. I have consumed coffee recently. It is 04:50 and I do not plan to sleep much today.


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