Brief Fun In Birmingham

[ from the what-happened-now? dept. ]

Thank you Central Trains.

It took over an hour later than planned to get to Birmingham, I got there after 20:00 and had to leave for the last train at 22:50. That train was delayed because there was no driver as they were in Nottingham! So Another hour later than planned I got back to Nottingham. Thank you Central trains, more than 2 hours additional time wasted aboard your crappy dilapidated old trains.

Register Windows are very interesting. SPARC does not have the plain concept over saving function arguments on the stack and then having to restore them again. Instead it has register windows which allow one to “shift” the current register set so that the “out” registers from one function become the “in” registers to another and vice versa on exit from the function. I had not really given this much thought before but now realise just how cool it is :-)

I got up late yesterday because of the thudding music and a wrong clock, and the day pretty much went nowhere. That’s ok, I did at least do some sorting out and go to Birmingham for virtually no time. Looks like Telewest’s Blueyonder cable service might actually support NAPT or somesuch (even just NAT/MASQ/primitive forwarding) in the Cable Modem they supply.


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