Penguins will take over the world

[ from the get-a-move-on-jcm dept. ]

On route to Reading for the remainder of the weekend. I need to get my review and article finished today/tonight. I am writing a review of Debian on Powerbooks and a largeish article on W2K Active Directory to Samba migration. Read more…

The penguin costume (pictures soon) went down quite well. I have collected quite a bit already but those who promised sponsorship should get in touch soon because I will be sending off the donations this week. Rumours that I will wear such a costume to the next OxLUG cannot be completely dismissed.

So I am on the way to London and to Computer Exchange for browsing, before a quick coffee in Starbucks and perhaps some Wagamama as I go through Covent Garden. Then from Paddington I can catch a Virgin train now on the newly introduced service and use a mains point on the train to charge.

I think I may well upgrade the Powerbook to a 1GHz model soon as it is now continually bothering me. While they continue to make it better, I will have to upgrade. I must have the best of the best of the best :-) Did you know that the Church Of Satan have an ongoing dispute with Apple over claims they are damaging Apple’s good name? It’s worth a look at their pages detailing what Apple is trying to do to them.


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