[ from the ``we-were-in-London...'' dept. ]

Escaped for a few hours this evening to London. Went to Tottenham Court Road (TCR), Computer Exchange, and ended up meeting a friend by chance in the Costa within Paperchase. That’s a cool Coffee house because they have mains on tap and the coffee is reasonable too. Read more…

I used to like Computer Exchange. Now I think I am starting to think differently – I mean, 70 quid for a wireless card! Nothing particularly reasonable either. Oh well, I did at least get an internal SCSI cable for one of the IPCs. Did I mention I picked up another IPC last week? Well, I did, it used to serve an interesting function but became a paperweight so I managed to get it and now it will be yet anothet pointless Debian box in my room :-)

Wagamama was fantastic tonight, number 42 as per my usual. It was truly the best one I have had – I ended up thanking the staff individually for making it! Great stuff. I got a train back from St. Pancras at 20:55 and I am now curled up in bed with the Powerbook beside me – the wonder of laptops in bed. Yummy.

Go out and see 28 Days Later if you have not seen it already. If you do not like this kind of film – see it anyway :P New Star Trek film is out on January 2nd/3rd btw.


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