Take on me

[ from the oh-dear dept. ]

The new IPC (called arrow – 25MHz, 48MB RAM, 3.2GB HDD, 2xcolour SBUS framebuffers, 1xb/w built-in framebuffer) plays music. I have to encode it using the following sox string prior to playback using the SPARC playback utility called tplay (with command line argument -l for loop :-) ):

sox loopme.wav -c 1 -b -U -r 8000 loopme.au

The playback is not bad for such a wonderful machine. It is also running GNOME and various other applications which one might think would overload it – but then I seem to not care about the time required to use them :-) The sound driver spontaneously has issues with other kernel components and crashes the machine but that can be looked at to create the ultimate Debian SPARC 3.0 (Woody) IPC box.

I saw the new James Bond (Die Another Day) on Wednesday night. It is ok. I also just found the perfect location for using my laptop and working with mains access, network and coffee. No CSiT PAT testing required :-)


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