Light at the end…

[ from the getting-back-on-track dept. ]

I have successfully managed to be in hiding for about a week now. Slowly I realise that this is because I have been feeling crappy – this culminated in severe headaches the other night which forced me to sleep for a long time.

The good news is that I feel better today [read on].

Today I feel much better. Having been up all night finishing off and catching up with a backlog of work, it leaves a positive attitude. I’ll probably sleep quite early today and hopefully be back to “normality” from tomorrow onwards.

I finally got the AUI adapter and now have an IPC which does not rely on “Hussein Technology”. The 3GB disk is rapidly filling with data my housemate needs to shift somewhere in a never ending quest for additional storage. I think I may get a few more disks over Christmas and set up a RAID5 array for increasing data storage requirements.

I was early to a lecture today (a sure sign I have been ill) and am catching up with email. If you emailed me recently then you will notice a longer delay in reply than is sometimes to be found from your local jcm. This will hopefully get fixed automagically over the next day or so.


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