London time again

[ from the travel-is-good dept. ]

I am travelling down for the weekend, and stopping off for some business on route. While I am in the area I think I need to go shopping. Also, I am planning a State side trip early in the new year and am after some decent birthday gifts from me to me :-) [Read more]

The beginnings of a plan to visit California are underway at the moment, hopefully this would take place early in the new year. Some project research, some fun, one complementing the other (though in what order who can say). More details when I figure out exactly what is happening.

I am after an Ultra 5 or Ultra 10. I currently have a lot of 32 bit kit however need a non-emulated real physical UltraSPARC I/II to play with. These things are quite reasonably priced on ebay so I should be able to sort a box as part of a little birthday present to myself.

I finally finished some writing I have been doing and am catching up on general work as a whole. I went to an excellent talk on Grid technology on Wednesday in the department and there was a meeting for the new Computer Science Society. I am maintaining envolvement as an effort to keep things moving more than anything – it was a terrible shame that it was not easy to establish a society a long time ago, but things are looking good now.

I have been keeping strange hours again, this time running from morning until afternoon, sleeping, up most of the night and then down again. Thus the day now consists of 4 logical sections. Clearly this is screwed :-)


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