Home and dry

[ from the pet-shop-boys dept. ]

I am in Reading now for the remainder of the weekend. I was in London on Friday, and yesterday for variously varied work reasons. Had coffee in Paperchase on TCR and then went to the British Computer Fairs (aka consumer land) but they were lame. Went to Wagamama and met friends so it was all good in the end. [Read on]

I am playing with Amoeba. Hopefully I can get a small cluster installed at the house in Nottingham for experimental reasons. I am trying to get a Datacenter cabinet though the shipping costs more than the cabinet itself!

It feels so good to be in Reading again! Wow, and I have been keeping semi reasonable hours (04:00-22:00) so the sleeping pattern is slightly better. This will all be warped by visiting the States next year – I hate flying but I look forward to this particular trip very much indeed :-)

I am in the process of writing an essay on Grid Computing Technologies for one of my degree courses (which makes for a positive change). I need to prepare a seminar for this coming week and continue to ponder my interim project report. Back to work I go.

I am going to be unavailable from the 12th of December for a few days and seem to have a lot on at the moment, but am looking forward to seeing certain friends very soon indeed! :-)


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