Joining a Gym

[ from the jcm? dept. ]

Well, I am joining a Gym in Nottingham as of tomorrow. At least – I am going for an introductory session which hopefully will go well and be encouragement to press on with a sensible excersive programme. It may not last, still I want to give it a go, and get a new bike for additional new year exercise. [Read more]

I am preparing a seminar on Post’s Problem (Recursively enumerable, undeterministic Turing incomparable Languages and set theory)…great. Actually it is an interesting topic indeed but just not the kind of thing that really turns me on the way some other stuff quite blatently does.

I am lying on my bed at the moment with the laptop, I love this freedom to do work wherever and whenever – I really could have been much more productive over the last few years if I had done this sooner. As some know, I am on a permanent high at the moment and suddenly am very motivated to do work! :-)

I have been playing with Amoeba and SMX (SunOS Minix) on Solaris. I will be installing an Amoeba cluster over Christmas and messing with Mach also. The interim report work is my main project concern at the moment but there will be real downloadable code in CVS after Christmas…really.


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