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[ from the have-you-updated-your-diary-yet? dept. ]

The diary died for a few days again due to neglect. I went to G2002 last week, which though smaller was more fun, probably partly due to the size and also that I went in a group with Ben, Johannes, Hussein and Paul. Sleeping in a bunk was fun – as was the M25 in a large volvo stuffed with computer kit. I would guess the little incident hooking up Johannes’ computer to my UPS by the side of a random road in Harrow and that the whole bunker compound was running off generators after the first day (National Grid link went down or something) will be particularly rememberable.

I have completed an initial design for my Genesis Microkernel project. While hoping not to re-invent Minix it does follow a similar approach at the moment (small central schedular using message passing). I have functional units devised and a work plan for development so do look out for further updates. I am hoping to get some more IPCs and set up an Amoeba cluster after Christmas – it is a shame Nottingham do not do this kind of thing in house but I can at least do it in mine! :-)

Happy festivities to everyone and now I shall continue with the contracting I have been doing for the last week and a bit for a few days until Christmas and then take a week off for academic work and other things. The US trip needs to be sorted soon but I think that will be March or so now.


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