JCM’s Amoeba Cluster MiniProject

[ from the just-for-fun-stuff dept. ]

I am planning to build an Amoeba cluster in Nottingham this coming term. Amoeba is a distrbiuted cluster based (Microkernel core) Operating System written by Professor Andrew Tanenbaum et al. For more information please see Amoeba WWW Home Page.

Typical requirements are for a minimum of 5 machines and this is my goal. IPC/IPX and SPARCstations will be used in this implementation.

I also plan to install a ChorusOS system (see also Sun Microsystem’s Laboratories Experimental Stuff Site) now that Sun Microsystems have released the code. I still do not know what is happening about Solaris source going online. Anyone? What happened to it [the Solaris Source Foundation Programme (or whatever it was/is called)]?

My research now concerns Amoeba, ChorusOS, HURD, Linux, Mach, Minix and Sartoris. A few others of lesser concern such as Windows NT are in there too. I will update project progress in the next few weeks.


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