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I should be able to get hold of a Checked W2K SP3 build next week or so and then with a running Visual C++ environment I can have a go at some NT driver hacking. I have been reading Windows NT Magazine articles and have to admit to it being compulsive reading.

Linux User & Developer is now on sale in such places as W H Smith and I enjoyed once again being on the news stand this month. I wrote about Windows 2000->Samba migration and Powerbook Debian. I am hard at work on some more reviews at the moment.

I am trying to describe my scheduling ideas in some cohesive form for my project – most other Operating Systems have relatively primative Round Robin or Priority Based Scheduling environments and I do not think I can necessarily take these on now however I equally want to have a go. It is likely that I will support several varied scheduling environments eventually. Microsoft Research’s “Vassal” (loadable “modular” support for NT – sounds painful) scheduling kludge sounds like a really nasty hack but kudos to them. It [[UPDATED: refers to the Windows NT scheduler] all stems from a general trend to support the best environment for SQL server. Back to work now.


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