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[ from the ELO-rule dept. ]

Today was another weird day. I was asleep for quite a while catching up on lost sleep last week. I will go out to do some work in a while and probably get back some time late tonight in time for more tomorrow :-)

The bochs review is being finished up at the moment, with a FreeSWAN review to accompany the introduction of * over the next few weeks – I will probably talk friends who are interested in to joining for fun.

The Microsoft book is interesting (I know, depressing is it not? :-) :-) ) however I realise I have nothing against Microsoft Research, just against their evil company as a whole (I suppose even some borg are ok when separated from the collective – e.g. Hew, he was an ok kind of guy).

The Operating Systems book has dried up after a bottle of Vittel opened in my bag and the remainder from the bottom went all over the contents. I have decided to avoid drinking their water for a while (why can they not design the caps better?). I think that book has now had coffee, water, and other liquids spilled over it however it is still surprisingly readable.

I will try to make OxLUG tomorrow from Richard Cohen’s talk on Linux on iPAQs, which I expect to be interesting.

A big thank you to London Underground for ignoring my email of complaint over the disgusting way they lied and cheated me last week. You people make me sick – I was made promises which were lies and had to walk through dark London back streets (does someone need to get mugged before they will learn?). I went to see Lord Of The Rings, the last train was delayed so much that all connections had gone and I was promised they would get me to Paddington…but no, Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies. It is no wonder people try to avoid the underground – and privitisation will not help either.


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