On Anti Copying Technology

[ from the annoying-fools dept. ]

I have decided not to buy Rod Stewart’s latest Album. The reason is that, although the artist and music are indeed quite to my taste, the title “includes anti copying technology”. This is designed to prevent me from playing the CD in my computer systems so I have two choices – either I buy a CD player (or use my portable I suppose) or I do not buy the music.

When will these people learn ffs?

An alternative is to buy the album anyway and set about seeing if it is possible to circumvent the technology in software (some of the technology relies upon breaking the TOC but not actually doing anything the hardware will reject). Should I have to consider this course of action simply to listen to some music? No. Can I get hold of “J” (the label) or the artist to tell them how heinous this all is? Nope. Silly people with their “anti eveyone” technology designed to prevent music sales.


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