Xboxes and NSA Security Enhanced Linux

[ from the random-stuff dept. ]

I’m up finishing some work I should have done ages ago. Mostly because I have been feeling very strange for the last few days. I think I am starting to feel better now and hopefully can get back in to a normal routine this week.

Xbox is surprisingly interesting. I enjoy Splinter Cell very much (and have wasted hours playing it on my housemate’s console machine), Halo and others are so-so. I am not going to become a Microsoft person however I may buy an Xbox for use as a general purpose Linux based Home Entertainment system. It can have IR added, USB devices, Networking, DVD/CDRW modification, and a few other enhancements besides.

I went to a Cambridge Security Seminar on NSA Security Enhanced Linux given by Russell Coker. The talk was most interesting and I have decided to play around with a box I set up a while ago for general interest. I do not imagine using it for general purpose computing at the moment.


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