Post’s Problem, SPARCs, and trips abroad

[ from the stuff-to-think-about dept. ]

I’m writing a report on Post’s Problem and how it is solved using The Priority Method. While I am not a logician and do not generally persue this area, the course I have been taking in Gems Of Computer Science has reminded me that there is a lot more theoretical stuff out there to understand.

I have two more SPARCs coming and I need to talk to those concerned to arrange times to acquire them. I will then have three SPARCstations, one functional IPC and another which needs new fuses. I still need to pick up another two-three SPARCstations before I can get the Amoeba cluster online.

I am still sorting out my trip. Hopefully it will be happening in March. I need to meet more people to discuss potential job opportunities and so on. Still thinking about further study but I don’t know where or for whom.


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