Saving Graces

[ from the ddd-da-da-ddd dept. ]

Data Display Debugger (ddd), is a saving grace for my project work…well perhaps. I realised that the simulator target should work within it and it seems that it does – though I have not had much chance to play with it yet. This is the debugger for GNU/Linux, just as gprof is the profiler. I realised it had been quite a long time since I last used gprof too – anyone got a good graphical front end graphing program for gprof output? Freshmeat returns a few interesting possibilities.

I popped home to Reading for the evening, and since I have nothing else on a Thursday, will hang around today and return to Nottingham this evening. I would have come down last weekend but did not want to give everyone the plague that I was suffering from at the time…

I think I do want to do some research, at least part-time if not full-time, and in distributed systems (HPC, GRID, distributed operating systems). I am considering Nottingham though not exclusively and have no idea yet whether I will go through with it or not :-)

I got asked to help show some UCAS applicants around, I thought I was very helpful and actually had only positive things to say about the place.


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