eCos: The Story Continues…

[ from the got-the-sim-working dept. ]

OK, so I got the powerpc sim target ecos built and running some simple stuff under ddd. This is very useful – now I can hopefully make some progress. A very useful book comes out tomorrow that I have been waiting a long time for – BREY, Motorola Power PC. I have copy on order.

I have been messing with Minix in bochs and rediscovering just how slow bochs really can be – it is not the environment for compiling code but I would like to play with its debugging features when I can. Today will be a project day, as will be tomorrow, since the Computer Security coursework setup is pretty much out of the way at least for the minute (Got multiple UML servers running under a grsec environment with some hacking from me). I hope to get plex86 or bochs to run another virtual machine with SE Linux – if SE Linux would seemingly run out of the box under UML then I would have had chance to play with that but as it is I do not have the time to fix whatever would need to be fixed to get it working (especially with grsec on the host to complicate things). The cryptoapi/cryptoloop stuff needs to be used a little more for general geek value.

I am having one of those moments of reflection on what could have happened for me in Nottingham over the last few years but has not. I feel the course lacks focus and a number of changes could be made – but mostly I am still asking myself what would be so bad about sticking around for a bit. :-)


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  1. JonnyRo says:

    How did you go about getting grsec working with UML? DId you patch a grsec kernel with skas, making the host run grsec? Or did you get the guest kernels to run grsec as well?

    Any info you could provide would be useful.

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