Vue Entertainment Group Cinemas

[ from the a-warning-of-things-to-come-very-soon dept. ]

The latest twist on Warner Village is that they have been taken over by SBC Holdings and have formed Vue Entertainment Group. Warner Village cinemas will be redesigned to remove the Warner content apparently and I do not doubt that the whole process will cost considerable money which will have to come from some part of the customer funded experience.

The Vue Entertainment website is basically a giant flash animation – which I cannot view at all since there is no flash plugin for my system. I have mailed them to attempt a little enlightenment where the differences between a sprinkling of flash and giant flash animations are concerned, and how these fit in with customers who cannot view them normally. If Warner goes down this route then I would no longer be able to book tickets online – I would try local competition however Warner Village drove them all out of business.

I can see this takeover move is going to be a bad move for customers.


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