Visiting Winchester and some 2600 too…

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I visted Winchester on Thursday in order to have a late lunch with my gran and find a birthday present for my cousin. The Zaurus is helping me to get a litle more organised so that I nearly send birthday presents on time! We went to Pizza Hut and had a Chicken Supreme with little cheese. Remember to ask them to put less cheese on the Pizza as it is much better for you and tastes great too.

I went to Costa and put on some music on the way back to the railway station and of course left the Zaurus scanning for networks. None are using WEP. Arriving home I decided to fix my mail setup so the old 486 with an unsupported Redhat 6.2 configuration has been deprecated and replaced with – a Debian Woody PII 400 running Exim, Squirrelmail and courier-imap-ssl like Although mail seems functional please do let me know if you mail me and experience some problems. The next step is to get Spam Assassin working properly at home with per user configuration files.

Tonight I went to my first London 2600 meeting and met various people. I was reasonably impressed overall however I had expected to meet more hard core UNIX nerds than the mostly Microsoft Windows cum occasional GNU/Linux and PDA crowd impression I was given though as I say it was interesting. I got a T-shirt and confirmed why it is that I hate smoking in general since the Cyberia bar was very smokey indeed.

I am sorting out application forms for PhDs and various other bits and pieces and tidying up my stuff at home over the next few days. A few of us put in a Thinkgeek order and I have a caffeine stainless steel 16 ounce mug on order to enjoy my morning cup.

I spent a while reading through documentation for a certain ethernet chip this week and thought some more about this Using and Porting PowerPC Linux guide that I am planning at the moment. I figure this could actually be pretty useful and it is bound to encourage some feedback in any case.

The night bus in Reading is still 1 pound if you know about the street machines which sell them. If you do not know about them then you pay twice as much to the driver and it did seem a little unfair that the person arguing over fairs tonight was not told about this option. There was also a drunk guy at the bus stop tonight who could not wait to be old enough to legally get as drunk as he was. I told him the novelty would soon wear off.

I weigh 13 stone now and am planning on another stone or so being worked off over the next few weeks and months. I am going to be at Linux Expo UK 2003 next week and on Friday a few of us will hopefully arrange something. I like the idea of seeing another play and enjoying some more culture.


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