Linux Expo UK 2003

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I have been at the Linux Expo UK 2003 on each of the last two days. Wednesday and Thursday were quite interesting although the Expo is again smaller this year. The .org village was quite reasonable and I met a number of people that I know through various connections. We had a meal out on Wednesday evening with Lonix and then ended up staring that the giant coke sign in Picadilly Circus while several of the guys got out the wifi equipment which they had available. We had fun in the Trocadero on the way to said coke sign and eventually got home late so Thursday started a bit later than planned although it ended with a few of us with Nottingham connections sitting in a Firkin pub behind Olympia for some very reasonable food and drink. Wednesday night was also complemented with good food although the sheer number of people ordering meant that the Indian Resturant called The Spice Of Life was overloaded and there was some significant latency on orders.

I spoke to various people and did the keysigning thing. Met some OpenBSD people who had some embedded boards which looked quite interesting on display. I joined the UKUUG and bought an FSF t-shirt while I also had some rather interesting conversations. I want to help organise an Embedded Systems workshop now.

This entry is really designed to get some information down about the Expo before I think about writing up a more ellaborate description.


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