The continuing adventures of and its friends…

[ from the magical-pandas dept. ] is currently down since it had a problem between 02:00 and 03:00 last night. We went in to Telehouse in the afternoon and it came back up for an hour or more. Eventually it seems to have stopped responding again.
I may get chance to go in again today and diagnose potential hardware failures or other causes of this but there might be a need for parts. Anyway it was good to see James Mulcahy (who had to go early to get a train) and James Rice with Hussein and jok blah blah. The box possibly has a failed power supply.

We went in to Canary Wharf afterwards for some food in Wagamama in the just opened Jubilee Place. The food was good and the server recognised me instantly since he used to work in the Nottingham restaurant! I go there quite a lot.

We could not get tickets which were suitably priced or place in time for the London Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday night so went to the Tate Modern instead. After a visit to the cafe we spent time until closing on floor 5 looking at various works including the Sausage Film and those clowns. Paul McCarthy is an interesting artist and also the guy who did the inflatable sculptures outside the Tate Modern. He has produced scenes involving himself naked and covered in tomato ketchup with various meats, or plastering his head and arm in to a wall, and various others besides.

We went for a stroll along the Thames again also and had various tea and coffee in various places. I am really turning in to an Earl Grey drinker now and have found my slippers… I bought the O’reilly Programming C# book second edition yesterday to read up on .NET stuff. There is a third edition of the book now also but I just wanted something reasonably inexpensive to experiment and in particular ascertain portability with Mono. More interesting people yesterday including a bluetooth security guy.


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