Nottingham and Cambridge Trips

[ from the trains-around-the-country dept. ]

We eventually replaced the CPU fan in on Wednesday evening. Afterwards we were too late to go to Wagamama however did end up at a McDonalds where I managed to have a cup of tea and no fatty grease. Now I weight 12.75 stone and I am trying to work on these things. I got home at about 03:00 on Thursday.

I went to Nottingham on Thursday to visit some friends and talk about PhDs at the University. The plan is to get applications going through sometime in next few days and see what happens then although they do not generally do embedded research. I had a good time visiting and we want to Wagamama and I learned the board game called Risk. I did not win obviously against a seasoned player.

Friday was spent in Nottingham and Cambridge and in travelling between these two locations by train. In Cambridge I met up with some of the dasher people to talk about the ways in which the project can make Linux more accessible. I met someone who is in to random embedded boards running Linux and we went to a bit of the Friday Happy Hour where scary people played amazing chess.

I saw Kill Bill earlier on Saturday after staying with some friends who live somewhere outside Cambridge. We went in to the city and had some lunch in a Japanese restaurant called DoJo. This is likely the Cambridge version of a Noodle Bar near Old Street in East London.

I have read quite a lot of the DSP book. Started reading about 3D graphics.


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