The Marriage Of Figaro

[ from the a-dose-of-culture dept. ]

I saw a performance of The Marriage Of Figaro by The Welsh National Opera in the New Theatre which is in Oxford this evening. This began at 19:15 and finished at 22:35 and was most enjoyable indeed. Figaro, Suzanna, and the Count were especially well performed, as was the rest of the cast. The Orchestra was very good indeed.

New Theatre as it is now called was formerly the Apollo and has been done up although they still ran out of soap in several places making an epic trying to wash my hands during the interval before having a drink. Navigating aroung the building is a little interesting. :-) .

Skipped supper again so basically lived on grapes and smoothie and regular coffee though I should probably eat a nice rice or noodle dish later today. Several of us on OxLUG are meeting for a drink tonight perhaps resurrecting the mid-month meetings at some point.

I am continuing with the concept of reading several books at once and have now started reading a pocket sized book on 6502 machine code on the bus. This has the benefit that it requires less effort than the DSP book so at certain times of day that can be a good thing.

I spent some time looking at certain kinds of register alignment issues with particular ethernet configurations in a certain kernel. Tomorrow I will be travelling to Nottingham and probably in Manchester on Friday and possibly Saturday. Meeting people for coffee in London on Thursday morning too.


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